Industries We Have Covered

We're a design company with in-depth learning and excellent experience in various domains; this
helps us to craft tailored solutions for all types of clients.


Disruptive design for dynamic consultants and visionaries.

From management consultants with strategic business recommendations to maintain a competitive edge to personal development and leadership coaches, our clients have only made our designs evolve for the better.


Designing to make the world a little greener than yesterday.

Sustainable development is the only possibility of a safe future; so it was indeed a self motivating task to create and develop platforms that help in recycling and reducing E-Waste or campaign for clean energy.


Simple, Straightforward and Cutting edge websites.

It’s always a challenge to design for B2B clients with highly technical domains like data services, but a great addition to our knowledge repository. Since our successful creations for Global Multi-Channel Data Providers, we have never looked back.


Re-defining learning with dynamic interfaces

Our designs for education and academic requirements have ranged from highly complex, multilevel exercise-based mobile applications for teachers, parents and students to skill development platforms for outlook enhancement for professionals.


Interesting interfaces that hook and reel

It’s not everyday you get the chance to break the rules of minimalism. Designing for an eclectic ecommerce store with themed apparel and merchandise was a great chance to pepper the site with out of the box ideas in the form of creative banners and graphics.

Lost and Found

Social responsibility is our responsibility.

We took immense pleasure in creating a completely comprehensive lost and found platform to unite seekers and finders of lost property and thus help do our bit to support a great cause that builds hope for humanity.


Soothing palettes and comfortable experiences

One can never run a risk of errors in medicine. Our designs included complex dashboards for hospital administration for healthcare providers to simple and soothing mobile application interfaces for holistic wellness centers with unique diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Child Safety

Integrating the power of technological innovation

We have worked on multiple projects which required much technological integration and innovation as well. Our solutions for devices built to enhance child safety includes tracking equipment with advanced features that enables linking with mobile applications and smartwatch interfaces optimised for children.