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    The process of designing any great product-app, website, or other- mainly incorporates the aspects of functionality and aesthetic quality .The equally essential visual and interactive elements are covered by UI Design.Put simply, UI makes up the personality and voice of the product; and by extension, its brand. We did same with on of the project MILJAYEGA.


We made a product which lead the users strive to reunite them with their lost property or pet. We understand how stressful it is to lose an important document, a family heirloom, or a loved pet. Before you gure out where to look, get on board Miljayega and let our trusted product country-wide community help you nd your lost item.

We aim to build a product which connects with the global network of good samaritans who are motivated to give back to the society by helping us maintain a awless online inventory of lost and found items. Our product serves as platform for anyone who is inspired by the initiative to gift happiness - even to random strangers.


For the Miljayega realize the problem that humans face, the heartbreak at losing one’s cherished item and the happiness at nding something we lost! There is nothing truly gratifying as answering honest and unselsh pleas for help. For years we strived (chaotically) to nd solutions with the assistance of evolving technology to answer the SOS requests of people asking to be reunited to their lost valuable or loved one. These messages were the ones that triggered us to start brainstorming and come up with viable solutions to have a seamless and structured procedure to help people, and in turn, build an ecosystem of humans who do good.

While you stay tuned for the them, here are a few great alternative gadgets available in the market to keep your valuable possessions and loved ones close and accessible at all times.

Kids GPS Watch

Now keep an eye on your little ones as they move beyond your range of protection. The perfect gift that is equally useful and affordable. An OLED display with the basic functions that only serve the fundamental purpose of time keeping makes sure that the child is not distracted by the display

Are you fearful that you won’t reach your child in their time of need? The SOS function on the watch alerts you as to when your child may be in danger. Be assured of your little one’s safety at all times. The installed GPS tracker keeps you in the loop as to where your child is always.

Why is it special ?

Remote Monitoring

SOS function

Low-battery alarm

Two-way communication

GPS positioning and Real-time tracking

Anti-drop/Tamper/Disarm/ Fall-down alarm

GEO fence with Footprints(record history route)

DND and Remote Shutdown

Bluetooth Tracker

If you’re in the habit of losing things way too often, look no further. The market has a wide range of tracking devices including an upcoming Bluetooth tracker that will help you keep track of the whereabouts of your important possessions. This tracker is one of the smallest and lightest Bluetooth trackers that is both user-friendly and an easy solution for the problem of leaving things behind.

Attach the tracker to your frequently misplaced items and use the locator app installed on your phone to connect with the tracker. It has advanced functionalities that will alert you when items get disconnected from your phone in case of leaving them behind. As long as the item is out of range, your phone will beep to alarm you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can locate it by calling the tracker attached to the item. What’s even better? The app has a real-time location map and will record the last connected location of the missing item to help you find it back. You can just open the map in the app to speculate the approximate location of your missing items. Now bid a happy adieu to rummaging through your fridge to find your handbag or scouring the parking lot in search of your car.

Why is it special ?

Location Records

Range Alarm

Ultra Long Battery Life

Call Function

Elderly Tracking Device

Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive disabilities make it dificult for people to adapt to new environments or even recognize familiar surroundings. This may lead to wandering, causing serious concern for their loved ones or caregivers who worry that they may get scared, lost or walk into dangerous situations.

You should never have to fear about the state of the elderly you love. Our Elderly tracker is the perfect life-saving locator device for this. Always be aware of their location with the option of communicating with them in case of an emergency which may prompt them to press the SOS function. Set fences around familiar territory and be instantly alerted if the elder moves past the borders of your access with the help of the “Geo fence” function and find them quickly with GPS tracking. The device includes a motion or fall sensor and will send an alert if a fall is detected to the companion app as well.

Why is it special ?

Remote Monitoring

SOS function

Low-battery alarm

Long Battery Life

GPS positioning and Real-time tracking

Anti-drop/Tamper/Disarm/ Fall-down alarm

GEO fence with Footprints (record history route)

Compact, lightweight.

QR Code System

Ever tried manoeuvring another’s car out of the parking lot at the risk of the owner’s wrath? Imagine how convenient it could be if you could get in touch with the owner before you move the vehicle?

Here’s an innovative and pocket friendly method to track the owners of found property.

Now use QR code (Quick response code) stickers or badges encoded with information about the valuable, its owner and his/her contact details, which will be available upon scanning with a scanner app on your smart phone. These custom generated stickers and badges can go a long way in tracking anything from your laptop, phone, bag or a book to your vehicle or your pet!

Why is it special ?

Cost Effective

Easy to Generate

Compact and East to carry

Flexible formats: Stickers and Badges

Zero additional maintenance costs

Pet Collars

If it’s your precious pet that needs a watchful eye, add the compact and easily attachable GPS tracker to your pets’ collar. With Android and iOS support, you can use your smartphone to get prompt updates and be alerted if your pet wanders out of the custom “Geo fence” that you setup. They are handy and lightweight and are designed to hold fast to the collar despite the vigorous movements of your pet. You’d never have to fret about the condition or whereabouts of your pet anymore and remain happy with the awareness that they will be accessible to you always.

Why is it special ?

Handy, lightweight.


GPS Positioning

Long Battery Life

Breach Alerts

GEO fence systems