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Bad data costs the U.S $3 trillion per year and is the most common reason for unsuccessful sales andmarketing campaigns.

Infotanks Media is on a mission to keep your business out of this unfortunate mess. Our data experts work hard to provide accurate, authentic, and effective data stacks that guarantee high deliverability rates and better ROI.

The Challenge for us

Infotanks is data oriented website. So our main challenge is to give data in such a away that it should engage the users on this site.

Our innovation couldn't stem from an unfamiliar design system as we wanted to keep the learning curve of our users to a minimum. It had to come from reinventing the user journey from the existing behavioral pattern of the users in this domain. The experiences designed should act as a subconscious guide to our users.

Being information and data-heavy site with modules such as news, media, match stats and prediction engine; it was critical for us to create a logical information structure and data grouping to ease understanding.


It was extremely critical for us to do on-ground user research and understand the real emotions, motivations, pain points and triggers of our users. Being a mass application, the logical question was a grouping of the users; hence, after intensive research, the team came up with a logical grouping based on the interests that userstook into data. Next, we worked on the user journey and flow of the data buyer on the website. What was really important was to consider that we do not overload the data to users and at the same time serve each user group at every given touchpoint. Hence, we followed the 'Inverted Pyramid' principle and the 'Five-Second Rule' while designing the user journey. We’ve tried to capture the attention of every user group within the first five seconds by providing relevant information in the first scroll of the website for each user group.


Infotanks Media is Global Multi-Channel Data Provider serving customers across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom with other European and Asian countries. Being the most comprehensive B2B Data Provider, we are focused on providing data services to all marketers, business owners, and partners. We as a database compiler manage, own and maintain 40 million business executives database worldwide. The unique USP which separates us from the rest is our guarantee of 90% plus email deliverability and contact accuracy which is the highest of all data market standards. We have achieved this feat by running real-time data compliance and validation checks to ensure our customers and their Email Service Provider have a great experience with our impeccable data quality.


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