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    When you take pains to build a brand, your company presentation has to be very tight, well-organized, and compelling. The best visual format for your company presentation, which is often in PowerPoint, and before prospective clients hire you, they want to know what you can do for them and how qualified you are to do it. As a result, your company presentation plays a crucial role in helping you secure new clients.

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Elements of a Great Presentation

The General Overview

Elements of a Great Presentation

The General Overview
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Your Company Story

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What You Do

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What Sets Us Apart

The Secret

Business Storytelling

Our brains are wired to remember stories, but weaving tales alone isn’t enough to spur your customer, prospect, or manager to take action. It’s the arc of a story combined with powerful data and visuals that achieves the right balance of logic and emotion to generate decision-making. We make sure to touch on the basic information about your company without going into too much detail- by simply and succinctly explaining what you do and who you do it for.

Visual Messaging

Presentations are critical to selling your ideas and driving people to action, yet most fail to connect with their audience due to distracting visuals and poorly displayed data. When this happens, you’re almost guaranteed to lose your audience’s attention and, worse, your one shot at being heard. What you need is a laser-focused approach that promotes your key points through a cohesive narrative. We organize ideas into visual messages that are easy to scan with clever use of basic design principles and PowerPoint shortcuts.

Data Visualization

Expert presenters know that you've got to illustrate the meaning behind your data in order for it to produce an impact. When data is used correctly, it will clearly elevate your key insights. When used incorrectly, it will cause confusion or misinterpretation of your message and stall decision-making. Capture the perfect snapshot of your most critical data with a clear visual story and call to action. Leveraging the key principles of data visualization, we create compelling, easy-to-scan charts and tables using your organization’s brand standards and turn your insights into actionable recommendations that drive the conversation forward.

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Tentackles created bulletproof strategies for Mirare Tech
Tentackles UI/UX Studio created strategies for Aihiki
Tentackles Design Studio created bulletproof strategies for MilJayega
Mirare Tech