Grphical representation of a team working on the user interface project


We create animations to make our designs interactive and appealing. The process of designing any great product-app, website, or other- mainly incorporates the best use of colours and design in a proper way. The equally essential visual and interactive elements are covered by UI Design. Put simply, UI makes up the personality and voice of the product; and by extension, it's brand. So, here we provide you with the best possible design solutions.

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Mood board visual representation.


Visual Design visual representation.


User testing visual representation.



This is a skeletal frame that outlines the numerous aesthetic elements, and their corresponding interactions. The basic utility of mood board for designers is to translate the ideas through a visual medium, for the benefit of all relevant stakeholders. This includes reference images/videos, colour scheme options, font samples, among others. The ability to find gaps in the thought process in the early stages of design is one of the greatest advantages of the mood board.

Skeletal frame of Mood board outlining the numerous aesthetic elements.
Visual Design enhances usability.


A professional working on a Visual Design project

We at Tentackles, use variant imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience. We implement our accredited VD process for all our projects. We design and implement various principles of design and our team work together to create something that is aesthetically pleasing and optimizes the user experience.

User Testing to check the usability, experience, and functioning of the final product.


Here we check the usability, experience, and functioning of the final product before it is live. We thoroughly check the product quality from an experience point of view and in terms of UI design. We test our design with active users and find the flaws and then again rework the pain points and come out with the best possible solutions. This is a very flexible approach, so irrespective of the project scope we ensure that we deliver the best with effective results.

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