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We are a website design and development startup with impactful design as the cornerstone. As the name ‘Tentackles’ suggests, ‘tackle problems’ is what we do every day – which involves finding solutions through design, creating and developing a compelling user experience, and other solutions that make up the ‘Ten’ tackles.


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Tentackles mission is to provide design-based solutions to startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises.


The mission of Tentackles is to provide design-based solutions to the problems of the digital world. The world is constantly changing and to keep up with this change, we change. To sustain that change, a good solution is needed. We design those solutions digitally and transfer them to real life experiences. “From concept to creation” That’s our motto, and we strive to live by it, bringing every design blueprint to life.


“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” —Orison Swett Marden
Tentackles wants to be a pioneer in web design and development with a focus on design-centric and design solution enterprise. To be the best you have to go above and beyond, with this in mind we strive to work on challenging projects that keep us on our feet, round the clock.

Tentackles vision is to be a pioneer in web design and development with a focus on design-centric and design solution enterprise.


Research is the foremost step in any successful UX endeavour, and it provides the path that designers must follow in order to create a great product.

UX Research provides the path that designers must follow.
Product Understanding

In order to make a product that sells, it is essential to first have an in-depth idea of the product understanding.

Competitor Research

Before setting about to create the ideal UX design for a given product, designers must be fully aware of its competitors-what they are doing wrong, and more importantly what they are doing right.

Data gathering

Understanding the user requirements through thorough secondary research and validating it through the creation of authentic user personas that form the guiding point for designing the experience.

User Experience Design

Good UX in product development is accessible to all types of users in as many use cases as possible. Product teams work hard to map, build, and test quality digital experiences

Good User Experience Design helps to map, build, and test quality digital experiences.

Strategising involves drafting a well-laid plan to design a solution that both meets business goals and the user needs without compromising on the brand communication.

Information Architecture

Creating a crisp and well defined user flow and navigation system to help the users navigate complex sets of Information. It is important to create a system that helps the user to understand where they need to go in relation to their current position.


Wireframing is a crucial step whereby designers create a skeletal framework of the final product. It will define the hierarchy of items on a screen and communicate what the items on that page should be based on user needs.


Prototyping is integral to UX because it helps the designers to represent to the end user how the product will function as well as generate critical feedback from the user to alter the design.

User Interface Design

We design graphical user interfaces that are stunning, support a good user experience, embody your brand's values, and builds an emotional connection with your users.

Graphical user interfaces support a good user experience and embody your brand's values.
Visual Strategy

Creating a uniform and clear visual language for the interfaces will serve as a basis for the final graphic design. This includes graphically translating the values, the feelings, and the experiences that will accompany the visitors throughout the website.

Design Systems

It is important to have a well consolidated collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to create consistent experiences for all your products/Applications.


Designing a style guide is the integral guidebook that helps the front-end developers to represent the visual design in code and the reference point to maintaining consistency across all the interfaces.


Client-focused, customer-centric, creating website solutions that deliver tangible business results, Tentackle's web developers help brands the ever-changing digital landscape.

Tentackle's web development helps brands with the ever-changing digital landscape.

We understand the importance of creating interfaces that are equally stunning across the screens of various digital devices to build footfall and increase search engine rankings.

Browser Compatibility

We care about the manner in which a web page looks in different web browsers. Keeping in mind that different browsers read the website code differently, we make sure our designs are consistent and equally impactful to every user out there.


A great product is ineffective without the feedback of real time users. We make sure all our designs are foolproof and customer centric only when the customers deem them so after they engage with them.

Tools we use to bring success to our projects
Icon for tool- Sketch

We consume Sketch for all our flowchart, wireframes & UI design tasks

Icon for tool- Invision

Place where we share, comment & discuss design in progress

Icon for tool- Visual Studio

Visual Studio dev tools & services make app development easy for any platform & language.

Icon for GitLab

From project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring

Icon for tool- Zeplin

Handoff designs and styleguides with accurate specs, assets, code snippets—automatically.

Icon for tool- Axure

The most powerful way to plan, prototype and hand off to developers, all without code.

Icon for tool- PuTTy

PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform.

Icon for tool- Premiere

Set your graphics in motion with the industry standard for motion design.