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A Blog On Blogs

Let’s start this blog by pondering about what a blog actually is. Even though the term resonates like some blob of bubblegum, it has a very interesting etymology.

In the later 1990’s, a genius named Peter Merholz got bored with the lengthy word ‘weblog’ and decided to cut it short. He announced: “For what it’s worth, I have decided to pronounce the word ‘weblog’ as ‘wee-blog’ or ‘blog’ for short”. His decision came to the fore and ta-da! From then on, the term weblog came to be known as a blog.

Now, doesn’t that sound cool?

“Yes, yes, it is interesting, but why should I be practicing it?”, you must be thinking. Allow us to walk you through the perks of having a blog and sticking on with it.

It’s like writing your personal diary or explaining your personal problems to someone. After you empty the intricate problems of your mind by scribbling out all of them, you get a kind of relief that is quite inexplicable.

Continuous Blogging can help in improving your language.

In the beginning, you tend to simply brainstorm your ideas but later you’d decide to put more thought into it. Narrowing down your wide flowing thoughts and chiseling them into beautifully structured paragraphs is a process that would happen eventually.

After writing for some time, your confidence would grow leaps and bounds and you would even be able to publish your works and earn rewards and appreciation.

Even the social introverts and experimenters find a blog comfortable platform to express themselves.

This method is even helpful in enhancing your business websites and increasing its traffic. Oh- this thing can do wonders!

It can set your SEO on fire!

Search engines and freshly prepared content are made for each other! And the best way to brew some fresh content is with blog posts. Regular blogging can increase your visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs); now that Google has recently updated their algorithm to focus on the website’s content and frequency of updates.

The customer becomes your close buddy!

Blogs openly welcome the customer feedback and comments. Through this, you can connect and have an interaction with your customer. Always make sure that you respond and reply to your customers’ queries. This would increase their trust and enable you to create a rapport with them. Thus, we’re bringing KYC into practice!

Helps direct traffic your way!

SEO upsurge along with the increase in the number of inbound links would direct the readers to the main parts of your website and thus, shoot up the amount of traffic you receive. The amount of time the readers would spend on your website would rapidly increase and you may even gain some customers, you never know!

You’ll be the expert on the lot, hands down!

Good content increases the credibility which in turn increases the trust of the customers and they would see and consider you an expert in your field. This would encourage your readers to return to your site and feel good about it.
If you are planning to revamp your computer because of the less traffic inflow, blogs even play a major role in the inbound marketing method. If a blog is created now, you will continue to get traffic and leads for years and even helps very much in converting traffic into leads. So why wait? Consider the above benefits and start a business blog right away- it will only do you good!