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How The Latest Google Algorithm Update 2021 Makes UI/UX Important Than Ever ?

The search engine giant recently announced an update to its algorithm. Basis this new algorithm your website’s ranking might soar high or stoop very low. This update could be a great opportunity for marketers and digital business owners.

According to Google, they will begin using page experience as a part of their ranking system beginning mid-June 2021. This update has been rolled out to highlight websites with great page experience. The schedule will allow the businesses to make refinements to their website considering page experience as an important factor.

Let us get acquainted with the term “Page Experience” before moving further in this article. What is page experience? To put it simply, Page Experience is a set of signals that measures how users perceive the experience of interacting with a website.

As per this update, Google will prioritize the websites which provide a good user experience. Not only this but Google will also highlight pages with the best experience. This will help the users get information about the quality of the web page and choose the search result they want to visit.

With the refinement of the search results, it becomes important for you to understand how to stay relevant in Google’s search results. Here is what you can do to upgrade your page experience.

Representation of a Google Search bar

1. Page speed

The loading time of a website is a significant factor to consider while improving the page experience. A second may not seem like a long time but it can make a huge difference. Research says that if the load time of a website surpasses 5 seconds, the bounce rate soars by 90%. Therefore, you need to ensure better speed for better search results.

2. Content is still the king

A good page experience does not overrule relevant and good content. Content strategy is still the most significant factor in terms of page ranking and user experience. Engaging and relevant content combined with SEO will always improve your search ranking. Interactive content contributes a lot to page experience and makes you stand out.

3. Visual stability

Few frustrating things often happen while browsing a web page. Clicking on something you never intended to, external widgets, layout shifts, or pop-ups define the lack of visual stability. This affects the bounce rate and makes the user jump to another platform. Therefore, it is important to boost stability to boost the page ranking and user experience.

4. Mobile-friendly website

There is a huge population of people who access information through their phones. Also, there are a variety of mobile phones in the market of different sizes and shapes. This means that you cannot rely only on desktop-oriented sites and expect results. You need to have a site that is capable of serving user experience on all devices. Moreover, Google favors mobile-friendly websites which is why you should switch to responsive site designs.

A mid-aged male looking on a mobile device while working on a laptop

The implementation of this update is soon to take place. We at Tentackles Strategic Design help you navigate through the best practices for better search ranking on Google. Tentackles is one of the top-ranked UX/UI website design and development agencies tailored to ensure you rank higher and better conversions. Contact us today to learn more about our services.