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On User Experience And It’s Importance

The million watt smile that appears on a customer’s face when they get a pizza with an extra burst of cheese is the best example for positive user experience!

Well, in a more technical way, it is how a person feels when he/she undergoes a human-device interaction. The UX Designer carefully creates products that have good usability and provides meaningful and the best possible experience for the users. 

The definition itself answers the question of its importance.

An extra pinch of salt or turmeric in your regular dal-chaval can ruin the entire experience for you. Agree?

So it is very much important for the UX Designer to stand in the shoes of the user to understand how his product will be received by the audience. Hence, he focuses on creating a positive experience for the users, for them to be faithful and to stick on to your brand and product. When the users’ needs are fulfilled, they can even become your company’s main promoters.

Having said that, User Experience is different for different people. Your roommate won’t be loving the extra bit of mayonnaise added to the burger, as much as you will. The diverse nature of society offers people a myriad of mindsets and sense perceptions.
Thus there is no such thing as the best User Experience- nor is there any special secret ingredient that is the reason behind the best User Experience. 

2 designers looking on a tablet device are smiling

In order to create a good UX, you need to first understand the user. You can talk to them and get their feedback on how your product works for them. You could also ask for suggestions on how it can be made better. Get inside their head and find out why they would choose your product over every other one that is available in the market. For a UX Designer, the best teacher and mentor is none other than the user. You need to observe, pay attention, ask your queries and clear your doubts from them. You have to understand the main problems that the user wants to get sorted out and secondly, should be able to think of a very efficient way of solving them. 

While understanding the minds of your users, you should keep the following questions in mind:

Why would the user adopt my product?

This would lead to their motivation for choosing you over all others. Your product must be the best and easiest way possible for your users to perform their intended task.

What is the ‘something extra’ that you can provide to your users?

You can and should provide that closeness and should make them reach that comfort zone. This would definitely make the users come running back to you during their hour of need. They wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else for help.

How can I improve my design in order to attract more customers?

As mentioned above, you need to maintain a good relationship with your customer which would make you understand their needs better. You can also consider conducting short surveys or studies on the user needs and interests.

Is my product usable and accessible to the users?

Usability and accessibility are the heart of every UX Design. If a product is not usable, its experience can never be good for the users. Similarly, the experience that you are providing must be accessible to people with disabilities too. By doing this, you would make the process easier for all the users.

Thus, keep all the above questions in mind while designing- Get your queries and doubts cleared by your users- the end product would make you second to none!