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5 Reasons Why UX/UI Design Is Crucial For Your Business Growth

The Third industrial revolution made humans make a shift from conventional methods to digital methods. Today’s fast-paced world is dominated by high-quality content and technology that can make an impact.

How do you translate the visitors on your website to your customers? Do users bounce to a different platform and spend only a few seconds on your website? Is your strategy fetching your desired results? If these questions made you wonder, then this article is for you.

Poor UI/UX design (user interface/ user experience design) could be the top reason why people stop engaging with a website or app. UI/UX design is usually underestimated however, it is a way to show potential clients that you the company to trust. User satisfaction is of utmost importance in today’s time to build brand value. A well-designed website can be the difference between booming engagement and a lost prospect. Here are few reasons why UX/UI is so important.

Great UX/UI helps in brand building

The first impression of any brand is perceived from its website. Research shows that 75% of users make purchasing decisions based on colors. This means that the look and feel of a website make a customer trust your company.
You need to research the likes and dislikes of your target group and design the website accordingly. Enhanced user experience ensures loyal and happy customers for your business. An interactive UX/UI not only engages the visitors but also allows them to ease with usability. Which eventually helps in building brand reputation and shoot up the sales in the market.

Good UX/UI helps in revenue generation

Planning an enhanced UX/UI maximizes the opportunity to convert your potential clients into customers. UX/UI design services not only upgrade the visual elements in a website/app but also make it work well for you.
A user-friendly interface ensures more conversions and convinces them to buy your products or services. It also helps in getting an insight into the needs and wants of the customers. Basis the insights, you can refine the experience continuously and surpass user expectations.

Time and cost-effective

As it is rightly said ‘Buy Nice or Buy Twice’, you need to ensure that the design for your business is rock solid and unfailing. It is always better to let the professionals swoop in the picture, who are equipped with the required experience and skills. This reduces the probability of recurring errors in a design.

Allowing someone novice to take care of the design quality might cost you more time and money. A heavy budget is spent on troubleshooting errors and if it is done right from the beginning, it will alleviate business opportunities. Your website is your brand’s identity and offering flawless interaction to the customers is crucial to achieving your goal.

Improves SERP positioning of your website

Google prefers a well-designed and fast-loading website on top of the search ranking. Google analyzes the average time spent by a user on the website, his navigation behavior, and other significant factors. Therefore, page speed is an important factor to consider while planning your design strategy. UX/UI design and development incorporates page speed, and it can also help you acquire a higher position on Google SERP.

Humans are eager and want quick answers to their questions, that is when UX/UI comes into the picture. Slow landing pages are likely to bounce the users to another platform and increases the probability of losing a customer. Whereas good UX/UI design ensures customer retention and satisfaction resulting in repeated sales. Your website should be quick enough to cater to consumer needs. Mobile-friendly websites are generally fast-loading, which is why you should switch to responsive site designs.

Increased traffic on the website

According to a study in Time Magazine, it takes less than 10 seconds for a user to decide whether to stay or leave the page. This decision is entirely based on the UX/UI design of the website. If the user experience is effective and efficient, the probability of acquiring new customers increases.

Excellent user experience design draws more customers through word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s why the business should emphasize more on customer needs and satisfaction.

These benefits make you realize the vital role of UX/UI design for any business to grow. Enhanced user experience will make you stand out of the crowd and build a reputation. Focussing on UX/UI can help improve myriad factors for your business.