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Empowering the E-Learning Math Platform with Advanced Back-End Solutions

About the project

Educo Learning Center required a significant enhancement for its online education portal. The challenges included integrating e-commerce functionalities, database migration, and the incorporation of an affiliate marketing program and a customer referral program to boost student enrollment.

Why did the client require the service?

The client wanted to enhance their platform by introducing e-commerce capabilities and implementing marketing strategies. This included adding features for selling course subscriptions and educational materials to improve revenue streams. Additionally, they were keen on implementing affiliate marketing programs to expand their audience base by partnering with educational influencers. Moreover, a customer referral program was sought to increase student enrollment by encouraging existing students to refer new ones. The aim was to drive business growth through these strategic integrations and initiatives.

What we did?

Tentackles provided custom e-commerce development to facilitate course sales, ensured seamless database migration to maintain data consistency, integrated affiliate marketing for broadened reach, implemented a customer referral program to drive organic growth, and enhanced security measures for data protection and compliance.

How it helped the project

The comprehensive back-end development approach led to increased revenue through e-commerce, seamless data transition, expanded audience reach through affiliate marketing, organic growth through the referral program, improved security, and compliance with regulatory standards. This solution aligned with Educo’s mission to make the best learning experiences accessible to all students.