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Revolutionizing the Branding Landscape of the E-Learning Math Platform with Creativity and Consistency.

About the project

Tentackles took on the comprehensive task of rebranding an e-learning platform to revitalize its visual identity and establish a consistent and engaging image for the educational platform. The project encompassed the creation of a new logo, PowerPoint (PPT) templates, a comprehensive brand manual, and captivating social media banners.

Why the client required the service?

This e-learning platform aimed to reimagine its identity. The existing logo failed to resonate with modern standards, compelling the need for a refresh. In line with current market trends, an overhaul of the logo and social media banners became necessary to present a contemporary and appealing identity.

What Tentackles did?

a) Logo Design:
The process began with an immersive exploration of platform’s core values and mission. This brainstorming led to the deconstruction and integration of various shapes and elements to craft a new logo. The goal was to encapsulate the essence of learning, children, parents, and the online educational environment.
b) PPT Template:
Using the emblem and form of the logo, Tentackles fashioned a PPT template. This template was designed to be versatile and could be seamlessly incorporated into any presentation, ensuring a consistent and branded visual language across brand’s presentations.
c) Brand Manual:
Tentackles crafted a detailed brand manual, serving as a comprehensive guide for designers and developers. The manual outlined specifications such as logo size variations, recommended fonts for web and system applications, and primary, secondary, and tertiary color schemes to ensure cohesive and unified branding.
d) Social Media Banners:
Capturing the spirit of learning and the connection between parents and children, Tentackles designed captivating social media banners. These visuals encapsulated the essence of brand’s ethos and were tailored for use across diverse social media platforms.

How it helped the project

The redefined branding strategy set forth a unified visual identity for this e-learning platform. By implementing a strict set of guidelines and standards, the website, documents, and social media platforms became a collective representation of brand’s identity. The coordinated approach ensured a seamless and consistent portrayal, fostering a clear and cohesive brand image for the platform across various mediums. The revamped brand elements facilitated a relatable and engaging presentation, aligning cohesively with brand’s mission and goals.