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Revolutionizing the E-Learning Math Platform's User Experience

About the project

Educo Learning Center sought to transform its online learning experience by revamping its outdated website. The existing site faced challenges, including outdated design, poor user experience, slow loading times, and inconsistent branding.

Why did the client require the service?

The necessity for a more engaging and modern learning environment became apparent as the existing system grappled with several critical issues, hindering its effectiveness. These challenges encompassed an outdated design, poor user experience, slow loading times, and inconsistent branding. The design was outmoded and failed to captivate the users, resulting in diminished interaction and connection with the learning platform. Navigating the system was cumbersome and disjointed, impacting the overall user experience, which was essential for facilitating effective education. Moreover, the slow loading times added frustration for users and potentially led to abandonment, diminishing the platform’s efficiency. Additionally, the inconsistency in branding failed to communicate the institution’s commitment to innovation and excellence, undermining its credibility and recognition in the education sector.

What we did?

Tentackles provided comprehensive front-end development services. The process included detailed requirement analysis, collaboration to create a user-centric design, integration of micro-interactions for an engaging experience, implementation of responsive web development for multi-device accessibility, performance optimization for faster loading times, code compilation for maintainability, and extensive quality assurance.

How it helped the project

The front-end development efforts led to a 30% increase in user engagement, better accessibility, 40% faster loading times, improved branding and recognition, and a 20% increase in student enrollment for Educo Learning Center. The website’s alignment with the company’s branding and modernized design supported Educo’s mission to deliver innovative and accessible education to students.