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Simplifying and Cultivating Connections on a Family Archiving and Genealogy Platform

About the project

Archoral stands as a dedicated personal and family archiving and genealogy platform. The site serves as a secure repository for preserving users’ personal and family data for future generations. Its core features include family trees, family data storage, sharing capabilities, and other genealogical tools, providing a highly secure database for its users.

Why UX design was needed?

The challenge at hand with this platform revolved around simplifying the complexities of family history data while maintaining the emotional essence of these connections. The platform allowed the creation of profiles for people, places, organizations, and items, preserving a wealth of associated information. Our mission was to design an experience that not only facilitated research but also fostered emotional connections.

Tentackles' approach and implementation:

Our strategy was user-centric, prioritizing the goals of the individuals interacting with the platform. Through extensive research, we gleaned insights that guided the creation of architecture and wireframes for the diverse profiles. To ensure a clean layout, we organized components within top and side toolbars, simplifying the editing and addition of information. The focus remained on enhancing user exploration and navigation while preserving the depth of information within the profiles.

How UX design enhanced the experience:

By delving deep into UX design, the screens became cleaner and more user-friendly, catering to individuals regardless of their level of experience. The genealogy platform users found it easier to navigate through their family histories and share them securely with others. The inclusivity of collaboration enabled various individuals to contribute, enriching the shared history while preserving the security of sensitive data.