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UX Design

User Experience is the value you provide to your user when they are using your product. Here in Tentackles, we create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to the users.

We provide the best in quality UX designs for our clients to always excel in business. We also check the usability, experience, and functioning of the final product before it is live.

UX Design process to follow.
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UX Research goes both ways.

UX Research goes both ways. Research from Users and Competitors at the same time. This not only includes the understanding but also for getting a better outcome.


Research is the foremost step in any successful UX endeavour, and it provides the path that designers must follow in order to create a great product. The process for creating great UX begins by gaining a proper understanding of the users themselves.


To know one’s enemy, is to gain their strength. So, competitor plays the major role, before setting about to create the ideal UX design for a given product, designers must be fully aware of its competitors--what they are doing wrong, and more importantly what they are doing right.

User Experience Research goes both ways.
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Persona mapping provides a way to develop a more holistic profile.

The demographic, as well as psychographic data collected through user research, form broad groups into which those users can be classified.

Persona mapping provides a way to develop a more holistic profile of said user group/s, by taking on the aspects of their conscious and subconscious behaviour, which involves behavioural trends such as likes/dislikes, motivations, among others.

In this way, designers are able to understand user behaviour on a relatively intimate level, thus allowing them to develop a product UX that is suited to address different user needs in the most ideal manner possible.

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Task flow

Task Flow is a visual representation of the user’s journey.

Information architecture is a visual representation of the user’s journey through the platform. When it comes to product functionality, the entire

user journey must remain as efficient and seamless as possible. This is achieved through a bend of research insights and mental model mapping.

Task Flow is a visual representation of the customer's journey.
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Wire frame

Wireframe provides a visual insight into the thoughts of the designers.

Wireframing involves the development of a skeletal user interface structure. The whole point of creating a wireframe is to be able to provide clients with a visual insight into the thoughts/ideas of the designers.

It is a widely accepted fact that images/video are far more powerful than words. This is because each viewer will have their own perceptions/thoughts regarding the product; and a visual aid will give them room to explore the literal appearance of the product, against the perceived backdrop within their minds.

There are times when designers go one step further and provide clients with prototype versions of ideas using the wireframes.

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