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Revamp All The Damp In Your Website!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

From the choice of a dysfunctional website and the one filled with eye-catching up-to-date information, a customer is sure to find the second one interesting. They would be more willing to spend money on businesses that showcase a properly designed website hosting quality content. 

An impressive website would enhance the credibility and would increase the website traffic. It is even capable of converting visitors into customers.

Website revamp is definitely a good way to provide a better navigation experience and to preserve the website ranking. The many positives of a website revamp include:

The site is a mirror

A company’s website should be a reflection of its business in its current state. Adding interesting materials like introducing a new range of products, posting blogs and catchy write-ups would help increase the views of the website.

Score top in Google!

Revamping helps in increasing the Search Engine Ranking Points (SERP) of the website, which defines its ranking in Google searches and would also give an edge over the other competitors. Nowadays, since most of the searches are done in Google, a lower ranking would negatively affect the company and its business.

Away from attacks!

Revamping also keeps the website secure from cyber-attacks and guarantees the safety of the business. Also, there are certain things a company should keep in mind while revamping its website.

The site should be the company’s voice!

The main intention of the website is to build its customer base. The site’s form and feel should reflect the company’s ideas and should be able to communicate directly with the target audience.

Is the hook strong enough to catch both the salmon and the shark?

One-third of the website traffic is from the mobile phones. The growing number of mobile phones is a huge opportunity to scale up the business. Hence, navigation through the site should be easy both from the mobile phone and the desktop computer.

Healthy site = more customers 

Conduct an SEO audit of the existing website by digging in and exploring the page and tracking down the areas that are not functioning properly. This analysis would help in identifying the details that should be maintained and the ones that should be sent to the trash! The trash materials would enlighten about the strategies that would prove most effective and efficient in building the site. 

Maintain the character of the site

Even though revamping polishes a site’s appearance, the customer should not find any difficulty in identifying the site. Stay true to the main elements of the brand and loan an air of familiarity and consistency to the new site. The alignment and the structure of the new site should be perfect and professional.

Content should be a crowd-puller!

This is the right time to analyze and finalize as to what content generates the most attention and what goes largely unnoticed. The pages that do well should be expanded and the flaws of those that do not go well should be detected and worked upon. Draft a detailed plan of the content and go as per the plan. For valuable content and graphics turn to professional designers or copywriters.

Do not start from the scratch

There needn’t be a complete deconstruction of the existing site. Its strengths can be sustained and carried over to the new site and only the completely deteriorated content should be changed. If the site is disorganized and confusing, which would call for a redesign of the URLs, stick on to the valuable content from the previous site so that the already established SEO’s and inbound links aren’t fully lost.

Spice it up a bit! 

Sometimes, even the best content published might not receive the anticipated traffic. This could be because of the lack of photographs, videos or any material that visually engages the visitor. Including CTA (calls-to-action), like “Call Now!”, “CLICK HERE!”. and landing the pages to introduce your brand and its new products or ideas to the first time visitors would help grab the customer’s attention.

Make it easy!

Revamp should be done in such a way that it can be updated easily within the existing framework so that one needn’t completely overhaul the site.

Thus the website should display the company’s current position and progress. Its look and feel should match the company’s voice. Keep the above points in mind and get the viewers flowing in!