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UX Design And Its Legion Of Laws

Yes, even design has some laws which propel the website to its aesthetic beautiful look which catches the eye of the user. These laws play a very vital role in the way a website looks, feels and functions. It is therefore important for a designer to take into due consideration of these laws while designing the website.

Importance of laws of user experience design

User Experience is important because it helps to fulfill the user’s needs. User experience provides a positive experience that keeps users loyal to the product or brand. User Experience design like every other subject it has its own set of laws and principles. Some of the UX laws which are vital in User experience design are:

  • Amara’s Law
  • Fitt’s Law
  • Hicks’s Law
  • Hofstadter’s Law
  • Jakob’s  Law of User Experience
  • Law of Pragnanz
  • Miller’s Law
  • Parkinson’s law
  • Tesler’s law

Laws are catalyst for a user experience designer

These Laws acts as a catalyst, a beacon of light for User experience designers, like for example Amara’s Law states that the effect of technology is overestimated in the short run and it is underestimated in the long run. This a great example of User Experience law. Where a designer could consider the application of a new technology in a website, consider the time frame in which the benefits of new technology could be reaped in.

You can also consider the example of Hofstadter’s Law; it basically says that the estimated time taken to do a task is always less than the time in which the task is actually completed. This law would give a designer a great headway in designing the pages of a website which have tedious forms.

What makes a great user experience?

Professionals from a creative agency doing their work on multiple fronts

There is no one User Experience, It is different for each one of us. It cannot be measured quantified. User experience is only at the moment and to get into that moment a great experience design should be followed framed with laws of user experience applied at every stage of design.


These laws are what makes a website comes to life. They can make or break your website. Hence if not applied in the right context it might turn out to be a disaster. So it is advised for a user experience designer to be familiar with the laws of user experience and use them as required.