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    How on earth does one market bucket loads of relevant content into bite-sized bits of easily digestible information that speaks to an audience? The best solution: Explainer videos.. We follow a meticulous and yet creative process to make sure that your videos are genuine and inject your personality into the message such that they become true assets for your brand presentation.

    A team working on a video project

Process we follow in making

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  • Storyboard


  • Timeline


  • Content


  • Illustrations


  • Animation


  • Voice Over

    Voice Over

  • Final Production

    Final Production



A storyboard is the set of graphic assets organized in the sequence of their flow for the video. We do it because it helps to visualize our ideas, giving a better understanding of the future video flow. This way, our design team, and the client discuss details of the visual part as well as the sequence of scenes before the motion design process begins. It may include images of various fidelity, from simple sketches to detailed illustrations. The choice usually depends on the requirements and the urgency of the project.

Due to the set of quick sketches, our designers manage to present our ideas to the client and quickly make a decision on the essential points which had to be included in the promo. After several discussions and considering all the aspects such as the specifics of the target audience, clients etc., our designers agree upon the stylistic preferences and the message of the story.

A Storyboard helps to visualize ideas.



After the client is satisfied with the provided storyboard, we finalize the timeline. This will represent with clarity what is going to happen at what time mark. Here, we provide a rough timeline and the detailed timeline. In the rough timeline, we provide the action and time, whereas, in a detailed timeline, we provide the action, time as well as graphics.

Rough Timeline

00:13 to 00:22 Tech giants like Google & Facebook are cashing 100s of Billions of dollars from data that regular consumers produce and in-turn give them back only pennies on a dollar with the rationale of "free" services

Detailed Timeline

00:13 to 00:22 That’s right! Just by going about your routine lives, you are generating a digital trail that’s worth billions in today’s data-driven economy

The Timeline gives clarity on what is going to happen at what time mark.



Content will finalize the story.

Before we start gathering images, drawing storyboards, or doing any nuts-and-bolts illustration or previsualization work — we will finalize the story we are going to tell. This means considering the details of every scene. Physical space, wardrobe, blocking, staging, action, etc. This phase is considered as breaking down the script (aka "marking the script"), where we highlight all of the key elements that will affect the storyboards. And so, the very first step is to read the script and visualize it as an audience would.

  • How long have you been online today?
  • Facebook and Google are already collecting a lot of data from you.
  • Shocked? We've got an easy yet impactful solution…
  • All you need to do is download the Datagets App!
  • Isn’t that amazing?



Having decided the style, color palette, and patterns, our designers go onto the creation of digital illustrations. For instance, the bright color palette sets the happy mood of the video showing how the app can make the world a better place.

Digital illustrations showing control your date and get paid for it. Digital illustrations showing DATAGETS app.



We are almost done! All the scenes represented in the digital illustrations are animated into a united story that is bright and attractive. More interaction brings more people to the website or app.


Voice Over

Recording the voice over is an important part of the animation. The animation itself will, in many ways, be influenced by the voice over in areas like timing and focus. If the VO talks about a specific object or process, that object or process must be clearly shown at that point in time. After this, we come to the final step of adding the audio to the video.

We follow the content which is finalized by the client and create the voiceover. We provide both British and US accents for the voice over depending upon the client's prerogative.

Voice over with British and US accents.



Once the visual part is created, the client provides the designers with the music and the voice-over made by professional voice-artists. While choosing the voice for a video, it’s important to make sure that it corresponds to the offer and mood of the video and that the tone matches the preferences of the target audience. Take a look at an animated promo video for OffCents that followed all the above steps.

Visual representation of the final production stage of the video.

Have a look at one of our

Why is it important?