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User Experience, What’s Trending In 2018?

” Change is the only constant “       – Heraclitus 

Says a lot about our being. We have evolved throughout the ages constantly trying to better our lives, be it agriculture, automobiles, education or technology. User Experience design is no expectation in this change.

User Experience design has come a long way from your old boxed television sets to the tiny hand-held devices in your pockets which are known as mobile phones. Constantly trying to improve our experiences.

Here are some of the top trends in User Experience Design.

Content focused experience

A book displaying "content is king"

The content you create, it should be concise, clear and on point. There is no point in going on with stuff which is irrelevant to your topic. Therefore Content Focused Experience these days follows the trends of minimalism and flat and simple design which focuses on the main content. User experience design should separate from what is significant is to gain a fuller experience without losing track from the agenda of the website. A content focused experience provides the user the experience similar to his or her anticipation, Quora the online platform for questions and answers is a really good example of content focused experience website.

Time saving design

A designer working on a tablet device on table

Time is a commodity, a precious one to say and wasting the time of others and yourself would be highly frowned upon. In this fast pacing world, User Experience design should be kept in mind with the constraint of time and design their products around time. The experience for the user should be a fast-paced one, kind of like In-N-Out Burgers. Quick, good quality and reliable. So skip all those extra pop up windows you have in your mind and get straight down to business.

Smarter personalization

A professional showing designs to clients on a laptop

Uniformity can only go up to where you can take it and it certainly does not appease everyone. In this highly customizable world a personalized experience is much welcomed for your user and serving them on a platter would be the cherry on top. Individually tailored experiences which are technologically adapted to people with the help of personalized data and programs would make your user feel that the product is just built for him or her and that is something we here at Tentackles wear it on our sleeves.

Device-agnostic user experience design

A girl in yellow sweater looking on a phone while working on a laptop

Almost every individual these days owns more than one device. With scores of devices coming out every year across platforms and operating system it only makes sense to make your product compatible across platforms and operating system.  Your product should be designed for a more dynamic multi-device experience with a seamless transition between devices.

Augmented reality

A professional wearing VR glass looking at user data on a translucent screen

With the lines between technology and reality being blurred by each passing day, augmented reality is taking by storm. Technology is so ingrained in our lives that it would be hard to imagine life without it. Augmented reality is just one of those technological advances which the User Experience designers should keep in mind make their products more and more augmented reality proof to keep up with this reckoning force. WeChat a China-based product is a multiverse app with messaging, mobile app payment and social media all of them integrated into one taking augmented reality into a whole different platform. Another great example would be Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go lets you catch your favorite pokemon in virtual reality now that’s really cool for me, being a 90’s kid.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

A person using phone trying to connect to a voice device

User Experience is being taken to the next level, Display and graphics are being downplayed by the new tech of Voice User Interface (VUI) in the market. A fuller experience is being designed by User experience designers with the Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Appel’s Siri in the market. VUI is definitely the next step for User Experience Design. Tech companies should start investing in VUI to gain an early VIP pass to the VUI party!