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Thinking Of Revamping Your Website? Consider The Inbound Marketing Method!

You would have a plethora of questions like:

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • How is it different from normal and familiar Outdoor Marketing?
  • How would applying Inbound Marketing strategy after revamping help my business?
  • Is it as easy as they say? What are its types or methods?
  • Can this really help me generate more leads and turn them into promoters? But how?

Do not worry, we would provide you with a clear-cut idea of the importance of Inbound Marketing and the many benefits that it would offer.

Let us begin by answering all the questions, one by one: 

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is an easy method of attracting the attention of qualified prospects through content creation via Blogging, SEO, Videos, E-newsletters, Whitepapers, etc. You should convert them into customers who will later be promoters of your business.

How is it different from Outbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing uses traditional advertising methods such as newspapers, radio, television, direct mail and etc. in order to establish themselves and range the business.

Inbound Marketing believes in being found by the customer rather than chasing them down using Blogs, E-Newsletters, Social Media, SEO etc.

How would you apply Inbound Marketing strategy after revamping your website?

After revamping your website, your intention would definitely be to take it up a notch. The idea is to attract the right customers with relevant content as and when they are looking for it. During recent years, there is a visible change in the buying behavior of the people. Their expectation and way of communication have undergone dire changes. Inbound methodology helps businesses to adapt to such changes. The method attracts prospects and helps them find your company during their initial stages of decision making. This would have a strong influence on their future buying decisions.

Of course, there are many other benefits of Inbound Marketing such as:

  • It would help generate social media shared and inbound links.
  • The inbound method increases the brand awareness
  • It represents the customer and puts them in the driver’s seat.
  • Inbound Marketing enables customers to find your brand and utilize it at their point of need, be it at midnight!
  • Customers would prefer your brand and it would influence their future purchases.
  • It helps generate qualified leads in a comparatively lesser amount of money.
  • As the content gains exposure, the social share increases through word of mouth.

What are the different types of Inbound Marketing?

The different types of Inbound Marketing include:

  • Blogging: The main strategy of Inbound Marketing is to present smart content, and blogging is the easiest and most common way of doing it. It plays a very powerful role in increasing the traffic and the number of leads and promoters.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using SEO practices like properly structured site design, active keyword analysis etc. would make sure that your company would get launched at the top search results. It is an integral part of Inbound Marketing which makes sure that the content is seen by the right people, thus turning them into leads.  
  • Social Media: Since most of the people are using social media as a means of sharing and spreading information, it would be mere folly to neglect such a useful platform. Social Media is proven to be the best way of online market distribution. The widely popular online communities include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. An interesting video can definitely play a major role in your method of attracting the attention of the viewers.

Other methods to share valuable content include whitepapers, e-books, e-newsletters etc.

Can this really help me generate more leads and turn them into promoters? 

Yes, it sure can help you generate more leads and turn them into promoters. This is described in the diagram below:

The four main phases: 

  • Attract: Using relevant content at the right time would invite the right customers. 
  • Convert: The strangers by starting up the right kind of conversation that suits them the best. It could be through messages, meetings and query sessions. Remember to provide valuable content.
  • Close: Close the right leads and thus transform those leads to customers. 
  • Delight: Since the customer has high expectations of your business, it is important to provide them with a remarkable experience. This would convert them into promoters and they would be more than happy to tell people about how wonderful they this your company is!