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User Experience Design Vs Interaction Design

User Experience is the process of making an experience come alive. User Experience design involves an intricate process of building up the experience, right from the gathering the content to piecing it together and consumption of a product can be defined as user experience. However, the user experience can be completely different from one person to another. What you may feel about the product may not be the same to the person next to you. Example; A cup of Coffee you are having over breakfast may not go so well with your neighbor because He/she may have a caffeine allergy. It is the same way with the products. The designer should try to make is His/her product as uniform as possible to every user so that it is easy to measure, quantify and analyze the experience of the product.

User experience involves the feelings and emotions of a user during his or her use of a product, which should take into consideration the whole picture than the traditional usability to achieve maximum satisfaction form the design

User experience can be achieved by several elements:

  1. Usability which is required but it is not the only thing that matters
  2. There should be a good point of interest and attractions of the product to enhance the experience of the user.
  3. Instructions should be clear and concise so that it helps a user to understand the use of product easily.
  4. The product should have real value and experience the user should gain throughout the use of the product.
  5. The user should be satisfied with the experience and interrelation of the product in his or her day to day life.

Interaction design

Interaction Design is the subset of User Experience Design.  Interaction Design is the interface between the user and the product. The way a designer design’s his or her product to interact with the user can be attributed as interaction design. While interaction design may come under user experience design but it isn’t something that could be brushed under the carpet. Interaction design plays a very important role in the delivery of the experience of the product and it should be taken into due consideration while designing the product.

The process of interaction design

The process by which an experience is consumed should be a memorable one, so it’s really important to get the touch, feel and aesthetics of interaction design right. Let’s say you have the latest iPhone X but its operating system is that of iPhone 6 would it be the same as the operating system iPhone X. Will your device be able to deliver the same functionalities that it was built for, Will the Face-Id work. The obvious answer is No. That’s how Interaction Design works. You need to have the right Interface to take in the full pleasure of user experience. Some good examples of interaction design would be the iPhone, MacBook, and the classic Nokia 3310. These are some absolutely legendary devices’ which gave the interaction device a whole new sphere.